Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Brown is off campaigning for himself

So the man who stretches credulity to breaking point when he says the date of the next general election is the last thing on his mind is of for a 3 day tour of England ( where he governs 100%) and Wales ( somewhat less ), but not Scotland or Northern Ireland.

During the worse security crisis of the last few years ( potential war in the Middle East and the European Energy crisis as Russian flexes its mussels ) the PM is off trying to save his own skin. ( Not that you get this question on the Left wing BBC ).

Just think about it taking 3 days out from his job to go what is really campaigning !

Gordon Brown is self interest personified. He has destroyed our economy by allowing the debt to build up, he's destroyed the future with debt and pension destruction, he's helped destroy the Union with the pro-Scottish anti-English devolution settlement and he's even destroying the future of the Labour party by his clinging to the reigns of power that he bullied the servile Labour party into handing to him.

Update: The Telegraph asks if Labour should be paying for the £600,000 cost of this campaigning given the near impossibility of anything actually useful for government happening.

PS I see Dolly's using his - um - GMTV contact to get Gordon involved in some exercise routine which he's threatening his Cabinet ministers with also.

Just heard Hazel Blears on the Radio trying to justify the tax payers spending on this meeting in Liverpool. She said politicians should get out more - quite. But that means its politics not government. And in that case the Labour party should be paying !

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James Higham said...

It must be a lovely position having zero credibility because you can do absolutely anything you like and it doesn't matter.