Saturday, December 06, 2008

More hypocrisy from Brown

The only thing Gordon Brown cares about is headlines to win that next general election.

Hence today with have the usual Brownian assertions about Zimbabwe. The same sort of statements he's made about Congo, Darfur, and Burma.

Not that Labour cared much when its was white ( ie evil to socialists ) farmers being attacked by mobs ( end result the near starvation a decline that has allowed the cholera epidemic to take hold ).

What really upsets Brown is that Nick Clegg got the headlines yesterday on this issue.


Armchair Sceptic said...

Clearly, Lord Mandy's not doing his (spinning) job too well, otherwise Brown would have been on to this issue before Clegg was.

I'll bet Brown didn't criticise Opposition MPs being arrested in Zimbabwe!

JPT said...

Why Brown's sudden interest in Zimbabwe?
Trying to bury some bad news by any chance?

Man in a Shed said...

TWR - Brown is becoming our Mugabe.

JPT - Brown hates any other politican having headline or commucating with voters full stop.

He was stung by David Cameron's taking up Darfur etc before. And on Georgia he was beside himself with Cameron getting there whilst hi people were plotting to replace him over summer.

The Brown lesson from this is to deny opposition parties any oxygen of publicity to continue the march to the single party state with himself as President for life ( just like Zimbabwe ).