Monday, December 15, 2008

Crash Gordon's pyramid debt scheme

Its interesting to hear David Cameron start to talk about the need for criminal justice to be applied to those who got us into the financial mess we are in today. Directly he's talking about those involved in fraud etc. But its not a great leap of the imagination to start including government ministers in this call for justice.

After all most of the growth in the UK economy was in the public sector. All the "investment" ( Gordon speak for spending ) was used to help Labour gain more investment into its pyramid government scheme in two subsequent elections.

The government presided over a naked asset price bubble and failed to check banks were properly funded or regulated. Money was thrown at unreformed public services, and money was removed from the future by the destruction and stealth taxation of private pensions and the failure to reform unaffordable public pensions.

But in the mean time, the the casual voter, the returns looked good and they invested their trust in Labour again who repaid it by plunging the UK into the greatest debt it has ever been in - so that its leader could say he was doing something and try for one more layer on Labour's great debt pyramid scheme with a smash and grab election early in 2009.

I hope David Cameron means what he says about prosecutions and if senior government ministers and civil servants are shown to have mislead the public then they should wind up in court also. After all New Labour can now be seen for the great confidence trick it always was.

Update or to put it another way in all its horror see BOM here.

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