Monday, November 03, 2008

More pro-Labour bias at the BBC

Headlines from the BBC:

Social mobility 'improving in UK'

Who says so - well the Prime Minister's Strategy Unit - odd that. Brown has been stung by such acusations, so he's now generated a report that says he's great (which the UK taxpeyer will have paid to produce for Labour party political ends ).

The BBC article goes on to say it only 'suggests' and whilst we're there there are some quotes around 'improving in the UK'. But we know how this game is played now. It the headline that people read and the New Labour linguistic programming that has the impact - thank's to their friends ( and in many cases future employees ) in the BBC.

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Anonymous said...

Requesting the left wing LSE to research this report is a joke. They should have asked the Adam Smith Institute to do it.
Having said this it is stated that NuLabor are cherrypicking items in the report, and the whole report shows some concerning irregularities.
Even the bbc showed itself dubious of such propaganda.