Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Labour selling our future for their tomorrow

Having presided over a decade of debt fuelled boom Gordon Brown is planning on selling everyone, but especially the young's, futures in the desperate attempt to win the next election.

Man in a Shed is becoming increasingly convinced that Labour are moving for a spring/summer 2009 general election.

They are ditching unpopular policies every week. Now apparently the road tax raise is to be postponed.

No doubt there will be the usual pre-election pensioner bride with the one of fuel winter payment. And now the government is to borrow to avoid raising taxes and maybe even to send targeted tax cuts to key swing voters hard working families.

Labour have always put party before country ( at least since 1945 ), but now they are shameless loan sharks feeding of the public's horror at the debt bust, promising a quick loan and telling us not to worry about the interest to be paid.

They are desperate to save themselves.

Shameless Labour - but is the public that gullible ?

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