Tuesday, October 07, 2008

So Russia buys Iceland

Russia are apparently about to bail out Iceland.

I wonder what they want in return ? ( Update The answer may be here )

Iceland is technically in NATO, although it has no full military forces and traditionally relies on the US.

Still they may still keep their country, if they joined the EU they would lose it forever.


Jonathan Read said...

"That's why the mother country's gone to Iceland".

Anonymous said...

I do not understand Iceland's logic behind allowing the Russians access to Keflavik. I was stationed there from 2003-2005 right before the US disbanded forces. The whole time the US and Iceland were in talks they feared the Russians will attack we need the US military to help. Now I read that they are allowing the "enemy" into their country. WTF?!? is going with the president of Iceland and their Parliament.

Man in a Shed said...

I would guess this move has helped them get loans of billions of pounds sterling from the UK govt (yes really) and the IMF.