Tuesday, October 07, 2008

One or two questions

  1. Why does no one pay attention to how well HSBC have done by taking good decisions and forgoing the stella schemes of Brown's last few years over seeing the city ?
  2. Is anyone from HSBC on the re badged Cabinet meeting - the whatever spin title will sound good one packed with Labour cronies.
  3. How long before governments become unable to pay civil servants ?
  4. When will government start confiscating our savings / pensions ?


The Daily Pundit said...

There's no chance of that. I transferred all my savings a few weeks ago to an online bank based in Iceland. Anyway, what's been happening in the news today?

Curly said...

A recession will do us all good, we ought to embrace it, it is the markets way of taking heat out of an unevenly growing economy.

A bit of austerity will put western economies back on their feet and start to rid the world, it's people, and it's governments of horrendous amounts of debt.