Thursday, October 02, 2008

The left are squealing

They watched and they were aghast. They are doing everything they can to stop people seeing David Cameron's speech and reading about it. A rather famous red headed spin doctor tries to argue the speech doesn't matter, another columnist argues the media have been too fawning ( actually that happened for Brown's speech were their critical faculties just failed ). Newsnight tried to bury the speech and then just talk about spin whilst hiding the press - especially the Sun's reaction. But the momentum is now with the Conservatives and you can see why ....

Every trick and favour is being called in right now to prop up Gordon Brown, but we need him - like Sir Iain Blair (Labour's favourite policeman) - to go.

We need David Cameron to do to Brown and the Labour party what Boris has done to Sir Iain Blair.

Labour's only hope is that the economy crashed yet further and people are too shell shocked to turn from Brown - that's how bad things have got as the ex-Downing street spin doctor admitted on Newsnight last night.

P45s all round for the socialist parasites I say !

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