Wednesday, October 01, 2008

David Cameron's speech

I'm just about to start watching it from the beginning ( having missed 3/4 of it heading into school ), in between making the kids tea. Let you know what I think later. Tim Montgomerie - who could be seen videoing with his mobile phone at the end - has his reaction here already ...

BBC version of the video here (the quality is a bit higher ).

It was a good speech which conveyed character, conviction and purpose. He didn't shy away from taking on some of the corners of the party where he sees potential trouble - the Libertarians and the English nationalists* ( my term ). Some of the speech was deeply personal.

The Labour spin merchants will go on about policy details etc - though there were some key ones - but that is just a matter of cynical tactics for them. They would love to have the details of a Conservative manifesto so the uber politics of Gordon Brown could steal ones they thought were popular and spread outrageous lies about the rest. ( They or rather he has form on this. He is getting such a wide spread reputation for outrageous lying that there even a new word to describe them "brownies" ). But frankly I think its just a bad case of leadership envy.

I especially liked the reinteration of the difference between society and the state and the slap down of David Miliband - one of the few direct attacks on government ministers. Some of the speech make the case for why things have to change - pointing out outrageous features of the state Labour has created ( in both senses ).

Each party is busy spinning away. Some of the media are enjoying the Gordon Brown back from the dead to over see the countries economic funeral angle ( but why ? ).

The most amazing commentary came from the Labour guy Newsnight have on who's every word is spin designed to warp the perceptions of the viewer - and who was virtually begging the Labour party to ditch Gordon Brown last time he was on - suggesting that if the economimy went bad it would be good for Gordon Brown and his experience line. Yes Labour really do think like that !!

* As it happens I think this is a strategic mistake. He will get no credit from the Scots for it - just see their reaction to the high speed rail link if you have any doubt, and it will just build up the pressure of English resentment and Scottish desperation which is sitting like a powder keg under the Union.

Other reactions:

Guido enjoyed it, and apparently "Maguire had a face that was thunderous, Derek Draper looked miffed." so that's all for the good then !
Tony Sharp thinks there are similarities with Mrs T in her last speech as leader of the opposition.

And here's the big one - The Sun has come out for David Cameron after over a decade shinning on Labour (H/T to Guido again). There summary has many of the key points that ordinary people hear and care about - and those of us who watch politics a lot tend to just cut out.

I especially like the line:

"Is he up to the job? The Labour-leaning BBC was not impressed . . . always a good sign."

Note the line above has been dropped - but it shows what other people think of the BBC.

Its Brown trousers and bicycle clips time in No 10 tomorrow morning - and can some one please order a new ruggadised mobile phone ?




Throughout this coming term, those of you in the lower classes will be expected to bend over and smile whenever the head boy, David Cameron, attempts to steal your lunch money.

Otherwise, Boris Johnson, and other solid chaps from the Bullyingboydom Club, will drag you in front of the House of Lords and give you such a wedgying that no amount of compensation will ever bring back those precious family jewels.

(New pupils should speak to miners from previous years)

Man in a Shed said...

Only about 20 mins through the speech and I can see why the left would use comments like the above.

If I was a Labour supporter I'd be scared witless also !

So far its good and necessary stuff ( I have some comments, but I'll listen to the whole thing first ).

PS notice blah blah - you not Derek Draper are you ?

Man in a Shed said...

Just heard lower corporation tax - fantastic.

Tom said...

Yes, let's give corporations an even bigger free rein. They were the ones that caused this crisis! Them and Thatcher and deregulation policies (then continued under Labour as well).

Man in a Shed said...

Welcome leftie trolls one and all - where have you been all my life ?

OK Tom that's a bit unfair I assume your not. Let me tell you why I am pleased about a reduction in Corp Tax - because Brown just raised mine and because running your own business lets you see just how much money goes to the government. ( Most people are just not aware how heavily taxed we are ).

Small business keeps this country afloat. ( The big corporations snuggle up to Labour because extra regulation and tax keeps them from getting challenged by new upstarts ).

Anyway many of the big corps are heading to different tax jurisdictions that's to the sheer stupidity of Gordon Brown and co ( unless they are deliberately trying to ruin everyone - a possibility that perhaps deserves more serrious attention that it gets ).

Anyway hope you saw the speech - its knocked Gordon Brown's effort to avoid being lynched by his own side into a hat.

Man in a Shed said...

PS Lets not forget Labour's cosy relations with certain parts of the city, which are bearing full fruit now.