Friday, October 03, 2008

Brown will do anything to save his skin

Even give Mandelson a political peerage and bring him back into the UK government.

There is no depth to dark or shameless to which they will not stoop.

No wonder Ruth Kelly could take no more.....

Update: See this from March 2007 - see the BBC page here - but as Labour spin doctors will be trying to rewrite history as I type I've copied much of the article below:

Brown can't sack me - Mandelson

Peter Mandelson has said he will step down as European Union Trade Commissioner in 2009, but told the BBC he could not be sacked before then.

It follows speculation that he may lose his job if, as expected, Gordon Brown succeeds Tony Blair as prime minister.

But he said: "I don't know whether this is going to come as a disappointment to him, but he can't actually fire me."

He and the chancellor reportedly fell out when he backed Mr Blair for the Labour leadership in 1994.

The former Northern Ireland Secretary remains a close confidant of Mr Blair.

Labour 'fissure'

Last year he said a "deep breach" had opened up between him and Mr Brown when he had backed Mr Blair to become the new leader and it had created a "fissure" in New Labour from the start.

When Mr Mandelson was appointed EU Commissioner after being forced out of two Cabinet posts, it was widely reported Mr Brown was delighted to see him sent off to Europe.

But as Mr Brown is increasingly seen as the successor to Mr Blair, who is due to step down as prime minister before September, there has been speculation Mr Mandelson's European career could be cut short.

Asked whether he would keep his job under Mr Brown, Mr Mandelson told BBC Radio 4's The World At One: "I don't know whether this is going to come as a disappointment to him, but he can't actually fire me.

"So like it or not, I'm afraid he will have to accept me as Commissioner until November 2009.

Extract from BBC article March 2007 current on 3Oct 08, but who knows perhaps they'll remove it like they did the photos of "Brown's sugars".

Update: Just heard Brown in the radio trying to sound all wounded that people see the Mandelson resurrection as political. The he went on to spin justify it as bringing in the experience. Sorry did I mention experience - well I have the experience vote for me !!!

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