Tuesday, September 02, 2008

So only Insanity Brown's UK's economy to shrink of the major world economies - OECD

Surely there are some patriotic Labour MPs who see that their leadership is insane and destroying the country and will put country first and bring down Insanity Brown ?

That bastard* who spent our pensions and allowed the country to sink into over a trillion pounds of debt ( before the house prices started dropping mind ) whilst blowing a similar amount on dysfunctional and unreformed public services told us that the UK was uniquely well placed to weather the coming storm.

He said all the reasons were due to external factors when only his wise leadership alone had allowed the economy to prosper in the past. ( Who can forget his reported words on taking over the treasury and being told what a wonderful state the country's finances were in ).

So why is the OECD only forecasting the UK to go into recession ? Could it be that Brown has just been spouting rubbish for years and has ridden the wave of economic stability left to him by John Major without any clue of what he should do ?

* Note: MiaS generally tries to keep away from this sort of thing, but the man in nearly criminally incompetent and deceitful.


Bill Quango MP said...

"the UK was uniquely well placed to weather the coming storm."

Its a teleprompter error. he should have read

"Well, the UK was uniquely placed in to the coming stormy weather."

Man in a Shed said...

Ah - much like the Ed Balls "So what" quote ...