Friday, September 05, 2008

Labour in children's chartity money sleaze row

Who would have believed the Labour party would take money from a children's charity ? That's right, money accrued by the charity to benefit children was instead used to help fun Labour's over draft.

It worse than it looks as the charity, Catz Club, has a direct interest in government policy which it could benefit from.

Apparently the sleazy Labour party is being forced to pay the £15k back ( note they didn't volunteer - as anyone with any decency would see this was wrong ).

The charity commission says this case is a cause of "serrious concern".

Greg Clarke, shadow schools minister, said "a new low in Labour's donations history".

Well Greg I'd like to believe this was the case, but after all the sleaze and police investigations into Labour funding practices I don't think we can bee to confident.

Labour are quite simply shameless.

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