Monday, August 25, 2008

In praise of Opera mini

I'm still trying to keep of the blogging till at least next week. But I'd like to just say how impressed I am with the Opera-mini browser for mobile phones.

A few weeks ago, on a car journey to a Bruce Springsteen concert I was moaning about wanting to get an apple i-Phone, but being unable to justify the ruinous contracts costs associated. I was then asked why I didn't just get a standard phone and use Opera ?

Well the old Sony Ericsson bit the dust a few weeks ago so I've invested near the bottom of the range again with a 3G Sony Ericsson K800i, and just signed as I walked past the O2 shop.

But then I installed the Opera-mini browser and its fantastic. You get whole page layout, the ability to turn graphics off (high GPRS charges etc) intelligent resizing of text columns so you can actually read them and the ability to deal with html forms so for example I could send the last blog post.

I may be the last person to realise what a great bit of software Opera-mini is - but if you haven't can I recommend you give it a try on your mobile phone !

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