Tuesday, July 08, 2008

A threat to the Falklands ?

As Mrs Kitchener is losing support in Argentina its time for the old solution of using patriotism to bolster support (sound familiar). Argentina is threatening military expansionism again.

Will Labour be the party to see the loss of British Territory to military aggression ?

They should send further forces South, and they shoudl never have scrapped the Sea Harriers. The defence of the Falklands now obviously rests on one airbase with four Tornado ADVs. If that doesn't worry you a lot then your not really thinking it through.

Argentina has been getting progressively more aggressive over the last few years. We ignored the warnings once before, and its cost hundred of young men their lives. I'd like to believe our foreign office and the MOD learnt its lessons, but with Gordon Brown and Des Browne in charge you can't have much confidence.

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