Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Maybe Harriet is the answer to my blog fuel crisis

Man in a Shed has been getting worried. The Labour parties subconscious, in the absence of any balls amongst the senior Labour careerists, has been doing all it can to reject Gordon Brown. (See the staggering mess in Scotland). Really the man just can't take a hint.

But for us on the right of centre Brown's the future leader of the opposition of choice.

This blog started complaining about the cost of software in the UK compared to the US. It was only when Gordon Brown started to wind me up that the politics started.

Where would I be without him ? He's such an obvious targets and odious politician - ideal material to motivate the blogger.

But what if he went ?

Does David Miliband really deserve the same sort of savaging ?

Don't worry it looks like Harriet ( deputy prime-minster leader ) XX Harman to the rescue. MiaS has to admit he might despise her even more than Brown.

She has all the crass class war and socialist thuggery and stupidity that makes Brown the man he is today - without any of the excuses for ending up like that. ( She's a ex-public school girl from a very privileged background ).

Her campaign of hate against white working men is just plain suicidal politics, as well as being morally reprehensible. He insistence, with the rest of the sisterhood, on the killing of children who are still in the womb after 20 weeks on demand up to 24 weeks will mark her record in shame.

She represents all that is wrong in careerist Labour politics. She would provide ample fuel for this blogger top keep him going till 2010.


Happy Harriet Harman said...

FatChance. When I am PM, only women will be allowed to blog.. Just you wait and see.

John M Ward said...

Looking at the first comment...

I am ahead of the game here, and already have a female blogger who will post my articles in her name.