Sunday, June 08, 2008

Fathers need justice, as do we all. We get the opposite from Labour.

Men have got a bad deal from Labour.

Now Fathers4Justice is fighting back again.

Man in a Shed never used to approve of this sort of action, but its perhaps the only thing wealthy ex-public school girls like Harriet Harman understand ( see I can talk class war Labour also). On balance I think I'm still against it when its someone's private property. But then I'm against the way the family courts work against men also. A lack of justice makes people desperate, which is why 42 days detention without trial is such a mistake.

PS: I wonder if Labour were thinking of fuel protesters and Dads when they decided to try to get the power to hand out the equivalent of a 3 month jail sentence by diktat (assuming 50% parole is close to 42 days ) ?

Blog also from Lynne Featherstone.


Letters From A Tory said...

I don't like these idiotic protestors. They undermine the credibility and validity of the cause they stand for.

The Raven said...

LFAT - I'm not overly fond of their methods either. But I can't blame them for trying with this government, which has done pretty much everything it can to harm the role fathers play in their childrens' lives. Plus, it's great to see Harperson made to look uncomfortable, whatever the reason.