Saturday, May 31, 2008

Will Eurovision kill the EU ?

Watching the Eurovision song contest has now become like wondering who will win the next Russian election for President. The answer has already been determined before the thing starts. How come - well there is just so much or Eastern Europe and its various hangers on that the old Eurovision nations, from the west, don't have a hope.

The Irish entered a Turkey which was shot in the semi-final. The UK managed last place also in the main event ( avoiding the semi by paying for the event).

As more and more countries have entered Eurovision the centre of power has moved east.

Thanks to the Lisbon Treaty ( less vetos - less individual more mob sovereity ) the same is now true of the EU.

I wonder if the Irish have spotted the problem with letting the Lisbon Treaty through ? Its not just the loss of sovereignty, but where they have lost it to.

In the UK Gordon Brown has betrayed the British people by breaking his manifesto promise for a referendum - its the sort of snivelling coward of a man he really is.

But I wonder if the Irish might be wondering if their turkey really should vote for Christmas in the EU Referendum, remembering what has happened to the song contest.

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