Thursday, May 08, 2008

National Identity Scheme has no business case, government admits !!!!!

Ian Grant of Computer weekly reports:

    The government has, for the first time, admitted publicly that it cannot justify its controversial £5.4bn National Identity Scheme in financial terms.

    The admission came from James Hall, chief executive of the Identity & Passport Service, in a response to the report from the scheme's external watchdog, the Independent Scheme Assurance Panel, published this week.

    Hall said, "Many of these benefits [of the NIS] may be hard to quantify and potentially harder to articulate in financial terms within the scheme business case."

    Full article here ...

Its a balls-up, its Labour, because its other peoples money ! They really think the government has its own money not ours - and they waste it on their own pet schemes and supporting their favoured projects and organisations.

Roll on the general election !

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