Friday, May 09, 2008

Lebanon war second half starting now - soon to widden to war with Iran and Syria

Its hard not to come to that conclusion.

Iran has been systematically trying to encircle Israel making alliance with the Sunni Hamas in Gaza and the Shia Hezbollah in Lebanon.

Now all that Muslim unity stuff is being shown to be just the lies you would expect. Hezbollah is making its bid to subjugate Lebanon to the will of Iran and the Shia sect of Islam - you just know that has to suck.

Of course Israel won't be able to stand for this - as Iran's leadership fully understand.

So its time for the second half of the Lebanon war that the international community was so keen to stop before Israel destroyed Hezbollah.

At the same time our politicians know that Iran is probably butchering British service personnel with their bombs in Afghanistan, Iraq and Katyusha rockets in Basra - both techniques hallmarks of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard. But I guess Gordon Brown has his own career to worry about and doesn't have much time for dealing with our enemies as long as they don't kill our young men and women too quickly for the voters to notice.

The Americans are running out of patience - as Hillary Clinton's warnings a few weeks ago show. The Iranians are run by a group who are looking forward to the apocalypse.

Unless they change track they will soon get their wish. But what is truly evil is that this game is just being played by a few middle aged leaders in Iran who are condemning a bright, well educated and highly civilised population to a dreadful fate.

Update Robert Fox takes a similar view over at the First Post. His comments on Hezbollah being able to take on the UN should give the French something to think about.

Israel is now warning Iran is behind all this. So were back to the streets of Sarajevo again - waiting for the spark.

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