Monday, May 12, 2008

The "draft Queen's speech" is a prime example of what is wrong with Labour

Gordon Brown as a calculating wheeze during his bottled election campaign came up with the idea of the pre-announcement announcement of the government legislative programme.

Probably thinking of what unaccountable fun he's had in the past with his pre-budget statement. (Another Brown inspired New Labour attempt to gain headlines without anyone being able to hold them to account.)

In doing so he insults the Queen and the country at large. He just thinks of himself.

Its just spin, and often deceit as his spin doctors try to tell the client commentariat what to say and think.

David Cameron should announce that a Conservative government would abolish such spin occasions - before Brown stands up to pull the wool over our eyes again.

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Dark_Heretic said...

The man's a traitor and lier who should be treated as such.

Send him to the Tower

I mean Brown of course