Monday, May 12, 2008

The BBC ignors English governmental issues

Here's the proof:

The UK Section headlines (top billing to an England only issue - the BBC helpfully uses the inaccurate term Britain )

The England section headlines ( What - no mention of the England only issue ???)
Now hold on a minute - the care of the elderley only applies to England as its a devolved matter for Gordon Browns Kirkaldy and Cowdenbeath constituents (whom I need not remind you get free care as somehow the Scottish Executive seems to have a massive pile of cash despite paying little income tax in comparison to the rest of the UK).

PS I would have no problem with the most dreadful story of the murder of Jimmy Mizen an upright English 16 year old man ( the maturity of his actions show that he deserves that epitaph ) being the headline in both cases. But you notice that the English issue of care of the elderly is dropped from the England section.

Update: The BBC has now removed the word British and replaced it with English in the text of the article showed at the front page stage - better, but still no mention in the England section of this English only issue .... ( as of 10:57am 12May08).
Compare with the version earlier this morning (top)


Alfie said...

I suggest putting this logo up onto your blog - and circulating it where you can -

BTW, I also did the England twinned with Tibet road sign as well.

Man in a Shed said...


Good stuff - I'll credit you for the Tibet sign, I thought it was a fantastic summary of the current situation juxtapositioned against current events.

Wyrdtimes said...

This is business as usual for the BBC.

Every day they are up to something.

Take David "my dad worked for the BBC" Dimbleby on Questiontime last week. The only time they have ever allowed a question about the er... English question - Dimbleby let the panel ramble straight off topic onto Scottish independence.

Hi brother Jonathan "my dad worked for the BBC as well" Dimbleby chose to ignore the English question in Any Answers even though it was the liveliest part of Any Questions.

Institutionalised bias against the English.

When England is free this monolith needs to be dismantled.