Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Brown outs soon in the UK ?

I have warned about the perilous state of the UK electricity generation capacity before. Let be clear this is the responsibility of the government, and for the last ten years this Labour government has been shirking its responsibility.

Yesterday we have seen a sign of what is soon waiting for us as on an unexceptional day the power grid issued a demand control order imminent notice, preparing large consumers of electricity to be cut from the grid.

A number of key power stations are off-line, including Nuclear ones and the UK grid appears to be on the edge.

This is just going to get worse as almost all of our nuclear power stations have to be removed and our gas supplies become far more expensive and uncertain.

From the man who is supposed to at least do long term we get nothing - indeed this is mostly a problem of his making.

Time to consider an emergency generator or a new government - or perhaps both.

Update: More details and fuller analysis are availble on this subject over at EU Referendum here.

Current news reports ( not that I noticed them on R4 this morning ) suggest that power cuts were made in parts of England yesterday.

Further Update Gordon Brown has announced that Nuclear power is going to be a bigger contributor than today. Well I'd like to see just how he's going to get that done in time. Maybe his brother who works at EDF knows. We now need action - not spin.

PS I should point out that last Thurs 22nd May I said the following:

    E) Thanks to the Blair/Brown years of spin and abdication of responsibility our electricity generation network will not be able to supply the required power shortly. Nuclear can't be built fast enough ( too few resources / skills / competition for the first two from everyone else ). The lights are going out in a few years time - David Cameron take note - this will happen on your watch !

Its looking like its coming to pass quicker than I could have feared.

Update: See an disturbing summary on the Cityunslicker blog here. ( Think I may order a UPS system for one or two of my computers tomorrow ).

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