Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Signs of the times

Just a few observations:

  1. I now get spam email about debt counselling - not just the usual pharmaceutical and biological enhancements.
  2. Last night I saw an actual bank advert about saving up for something in the future - rather than taking a loan out to have it now.
  3. Labour MPs have suddenly discovered the budget they were cheering over a year ago is going to cost them lots of votes (which they care about) and their hard working but low income constituents money (which they obviously only care about once the electoral results become obvious ).
  4. BBC interviewers are starting to question housing experts on why there isn't a house price bubble - and the experts spin and twist like their jobs depended on it - which we are all starting to realise they do. ( Ref conversation with Halifax spokesperson on R4 this morning - update The TPA has a great post on this point - and rightly congratulates Evan Davis on a purposeful interview. Like Wat Tyler I has to check at the end of the interview that the Halifax economist wasn't a Treasury official or junior minister. Wat Tyler's best line is the reference to the greatest house price crash since the Black Death !).
Its a sign of the times.

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