Sunday, March 02, 2008

Labour's distain for democracy

Labour hate democracy, as when it comes down to it they hate choice. They hate the idea that you might make up your own mind. They hate the idea that some people make better choices than others - all must be dammed as that is only fair.

When Gordon Brown talks about opportunity its as fake as the blue background he's trying to deceive people with at his don't mention England spring conference.

The whole point of socialism, of the type that Brown has grown up promoting his whole life, is that the people are unfit to decide. Hence democracy is highly undesirable.

So there is little hope of the Labour leadership listening to the people scream they want and demand a referendum. Gordon Brown believes he knows best and we are all unfit to decide for ourselves.

He is the most striking example of the conceit of left wing politics in the UK today. ( Just look at the way his barrister used the "you should have known we were lying" defence to opposed those who think Labour should honour its election manifesto).

They are without honour as they believe we, the people of England, are without worth. They as shameless as they are conceited.

No wonder the likes of Harriet I'm the token Woman Harman admire Castro so much.


Mark M Heenan said...

I think what Labour really hate is that when people make choices they show themselves much more capable of making the right choice than Labour Ministers...

Maverick said...

Yes it must be awfully annoying for Liebour that people think for themselves and don't necessarily think the EU is a good thing. Having a democracy must be another thing that gets under their skin even thought that's the way they got into power. As with most Marxists, they are never through messing countries up and curtailing the people's right to choose. When you vote Liebour you don't vote for a party that listens as it doesn't really like democracy or the plebs. They are more than likely to think Fidel Castro is their hero as well.

JO said...

I don't think a hatred (or fear??) of democracy is purely a "Labour" characteristic. You can't have proper representation without sovereignty. And without the former, there is no proper democracy.
If the Tories get in next time, it will be just the same .. nothing will change, nothing will EVER change - unless and until the power to govern is restored to Westminster. It don't matter which party is in power.

Man in a Shed said...

Jo - I think the difference with the Conservatives is that people are treated as adults and allowed to make mistakes. The answer isn't always state intervention or control.

Labour are getting more desperate and more tyrannical as they enter the last phase of their governments failure. Just look at Gordon Brown wanting power companies to set up redistributive taxation in their pricing structure and wanting to ban plastic bags - if everyone doesn't make his right choice.

Bretwalda Edwin-Higham said...

Can't disagree with any of this.