Saturday, February 09, 2008

Big ears goes for Grumpy's throat

Open warfare has now started between the Blairites and those attached to the Brown Titanic government which has hit the ice berg of Gordon's personality flaws and disastrous failure to manage particular aspect of the economy whilst splurging everyone's pensions on unreformed public services.

Frankly this is a direct attack on the prime minister and a call for his removal from his own party !!

From Press Assoc. - Saturday, February 9 06:55 am

    Mr Clarke told the Mail: "The Prime Minister cannot bear anyone who challenges him. We are conveying a sense of drift and uncertainty. Only Gordon can change this - if he is capable of doing so. Unfortunately, he hasn't the confidence of the country because of the things he has done.

    "I have to start a debate about all this because it is only two and a half years until the next general election, and it is imperative that there is a discussion of Labour's future before it has no future and is obliterated.

Rough translation - Grumpy's a nutter and now everyone knows it. We're doomed unless we dump him quick.

Now the Balirites can start their civil war.....

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curly15 said...

It's great to see that Big ears has joined the ferret fanciers club!