Thursday, February 07, 2008

The Archbishop of Canterbury recommends the phased destruction of the English state

I thought I could keep of blogging till 5pm but then the Archdruid Archbishop of Canterbury has opened his mouth to support Sharia law in England. (Radio 4 this lunch time on the World at One). (Just what does Rowan Williams actually believe in ? )

Lets be clear this will in effect create two states with two systems of law occupying the same land. That is not a recipe for healing communal strife - its the recipe for civil war.

We need to be a common people who are ruled, protected and equal under a common law regardless of race or creed. Those who don't like our laws should enter politics to change them by consent or leave.

This system of setting up parallel courts was the precursor to Irish partition and the decades of war that followed.


Other early blogger reaction is coming in below:

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I get the feeling the Rowan Williams post bag is going to be rather full over the next few days ...


Get your insight into the future world the Archbishop of Canterbury wishes for us as it appears today in Saudi Arabia ( a country that will not tolerate Christian belief ).

Damien Thomson ( a Catholic) suggest the Church of england should sack Dr Williams. I agree.

If you want to let the archbishop know what you think of his idea his web site is here. I've left my comment there.

A good point from Douglas Murray here asking how the Archbishops comments are being reported in the Muslim world and how it may encourage more terrorism.

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