Saturday, January 12, 2008

Gordon Brown and the body snatchers

Socialism believes your life, your soul (which of course the left thinks doesn't exist anyway,), and all your assets (of course) belong to those wise people who lead the peoples government - like people's champion Peter Hain.

As an example Gordon Brown is backing the plan the government has to remove your organs from your body without your consent - or presentably your relatives.

And people thought the Chinese were bad for using the organs of executed prisoners !

( Don't get me wrong - Organ donation is noble and life saving. But it should also be voluntary and with consent. )

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old and angry said...

My problem is,
I have a friend who is a "Trauma Nurse",and assists is theatre.
The tales he told me about people involved in serious Road Traffic Accidents brought into hospital made me shiver....
So you have a brain injured Man or Woman, perfectly good Kidneys, Liver, Lungs etc,
The patients quality of life is going to be very poor with recovery......however, there are folks waiting for transplants,
Need i spell it out!

lettersfromatory said...

Burning Our Money blogged about paying us to donate organs if they are really desperate - seems sensible to me.

Man in a Shed said...

old and angry - I should declare an interest here ( as should Gordon Brown ), my father and aunt both had heart transplants ( my father died within a month - for reasons we never fully understood ).

So I see the need for transplant organs, but what you suggest is one of the chilling prospects this move opens up.

As lettersfromatory explains there are other options. Another would be to write to the whole UK population and ask them ( the government managed a letter to the 23 million child benefit claimants whose records they lost ).

During the weeks I spent pacing around Papworth, where my father had his transplant and died, I noticed that they also did lung and heart and lung transplants. These are mostly required for young people with cystic fibrosis.

Now Gordon Brown has a son with this condition and he is determining the circumstances of his potential treatment. This to my mind looks as clear a conflict of interest.

We should also remember that all our decisions have an impact. If transplant organs are more freely available - therapies that get around the need for transplant won't receive the same backing. In the long term this may be a bad thing. There is no easy answer here.

Gordon Brown would have done well to have declared his interest and let someone else take the lead on this. ( In fact why is the PM involved at all ? Looks like opportunistic politics. )

Finally I should add that the courage and generosity of those individuals whom carry doner cards and whose families can see through their grief to help others should be applauded. In particular the family of the young woman who died in a traffic accident and allowed their daughters heart to be used for transplant to my father.