Monday, January 28, 2008

Derek Conway should consider his position as an MP

Based on the report of Derek Conway (Cons) MP improper use of allowances he should consider his position.

When its an MP from your own party you always feel more sympathy. But that's tax payers money. People on low incomes pay tax and that money should be treated with the greatest care and respect by the government.

Similar mistakes in terms of benefit mistakes lead to court appearances.

This should be a reminder to all MPs that it is our money they are spending and we expect it to be accounted for and not thrown away or spent for personal reasons.

Mr Conway has also inflicted political damage on his party. David Cameron should be considering sanctions.

Update: Guido does this just a little better here ...
Tony Sharpe is on the same lines at the Waendel Journal.
Shane Greer thinks he should stand down.
Conservative party reptile wonders how wide spread this is - and also wonders about the technically legal stuff like Yvette Cooper and Ed Balls' very profitable relations with their expenses.
Donald Blarney says Derek Conway is a Dead man walking.
Letters from a Tory wants him to go also - and has just got his wish.

Update: David Cameron has just withdrawn the whip from Derek Conway. I'm sure that was a very unpleasant thing for Mr Cameron to have to do - but it needed doing.

Final update: Derek Conway has now done the best thing for his party and decided to stand down as an MP at the next election. This avoids further damage to the party and shows unlike some other people caught in similar positions he knows how to behave when the game is up.

It is perhaps possible to speculate that the feedback now possible through the blogsphere and Conservative home has brought this matter to a quick conclusion.


Anonymous said...

Right there with you. Cameron should have pushed him at the same time as he jumped.

Womble On Tour said...

Cameron should have acted quicker but at least the deed is now done. He can point to some decisive(ish) action in response to something that was clearly not defendable.

What he has to hope now is that aren't another dozen of his MPs doing the same thing...