Friday, January 25, 2008

Come see the left wing bias inherent in the system (the BBC)

The BBC has surpassed itself in its complete failure to apply journalistic analysis or detachment to the reporting of words from its pay master the prime minister.

Firstly Brown makes my point from my previous post with another of his assertions that everything he does is RIGHT.

But the left wing muppets at the BBC go on and make a headline out of it - which implies its an established fact - and criticism of the slimy coward is only allowed a couple of paragraphs down.

The BBC DG is completely wasting his time with interviews in the Daily Telegraph and trying to hide behind Jeremy Clarkson to show not everyone in the billions a year BBC is left wing - when this sort of thing goes on.

The BBC is a dagger placed at the heart of our freedom and democracy and an incoming Conservative government should not hesitate for a second to disband it.

Update: This post seems to have had an effect see these posts at BBCEye "Shamed into silence" and Biased BBC "Do you think they think he was right" ( thanks for the coverage guys).

It is pointed out in these posts that the BBC have totally backtracked on this article. The link now points to a story about Browne predicting (asserting again) that there will be no more resignations. This is of course another example of the BBC report left wing mood music - but is also an example of someone trying to cover their tracks.

For those intrested in the Dark works of the BBC see how this article has differed over time at the same URL. (Coutesy of News sniffer ).

Cabinet begins work without Hain
Labour not tainted says Purnell
Brown Denies dithering over Hain
Brown was right to wait over Hain
No more resignations says Browne ( the tracks covered well here )

These are clearly different stories and the left wing journalists at the BBC are using versions to attempt to hide what they have been doing.


The Daily Pundit said...

Working on the smiley picture-good idea/dodgy picture-bad idea theory, I can't work out their take on this one.

Man in a Shed said...

Normally I'd go along with that - but I think the picture of Gordon faking smiling are even more likely to worry the sheep.