Friday, December 21, 2007

Pointless diplomas

The government department for deckchair relocation on sinking vessels, currently headed up by the highly paid and over promoted Ed Balls, has announced the cancellation of one of its weird and pointless schemes.

In short, much like an MA from Oxbridge, some GCSE pupils were to be given an added diploma by virtue of getting a group of grades. What on earth for is anyone's guess - so that the mindless educationalists could feel they had introduced a diploma I suppose.

Anyway they love their diploma's so much that they are worried that this would devalue their latest scheme to destroy British education - the other diploma's. So the first pointless diplomas are to be cancelled to save the second.

Why are the diploma's so popular with the educational establishment ? Well I'm guess because it means they can reward who they want to, rather than be constrained by the mundane business of measuring actual achievement, ability and talent.

Of course this is a further disaster for UK Universities and business and instead of producing the socialist results the educationalists want will destroy the system and extend the testing that already forms the main part of many interviews for business or academia.

You either rigorously test and verify peoples educational abilities and capabilities once in a trusted system - or if that trust is lost the government qualifications become irrelevant and everyone wastes loads of time repeating the testing themselves on every occasion they need to verify or establish a candidates abilities.

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