Tuesday, November 20, 2007

What the hell is going on in this government ?

We have just been told that 15million child support records have gone missing. That means about 30 million adults are affected. Given we can expect at least 23 million children it only leaves 7 million who are too old or haven't started families yet.

In other words they may have lost all of the records !

They are spinning that they think the records haven't got into the wrong hands - but they may never know.

Were the records encrypted ? If so how long will it take a criminal organisation to break that - 28 days ? Should we all change our bank account details ? What were the government guidelines that were ignored ?

Its another disaster than minister have known about ( this time they claim for 10 days - though we know that New Labour denials are calibrated to limit damage and see what they can get away with rather than any old fashioned constraints such as honesty. ).

Ms Smith knew about illegal immigrants working in the security industry for months ! ( And the Pm refuses to tell us when he learnt of it as no doubt the answer would be too damaging to him personally.)

Alistair Darling keeps changing the terms he uses to describe the support for Labour's favourite bank - that gives money to Labour party leaning think tanks - with the tax payers position getting worse every time he stands up to speak. Iain Dale reports that Northern Rock isn't even getting on the agenda at Cabinet ! (Its only £21 billion and rising of tax payers money of course.)

What on earth is going on ? What else are they hiding ?

Update: They are now saying 25 Million child benefit recipients details lost, including bank details of 7 million families. But although the records went missing they still don't think they're in the wrong hands - well that's okay then,....

Not sure who to credit for the graphic - but I grabbed in from Iain Dale's blog. Hold - I can see the small print - just JamieD - well done and hope you don't mind.

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