Friday, November 02, 2007

Poppies in Scotland a sign of the dutch auction of nationalism

I recently met a man a few decades older than myself who was appalled at the potential break up of Britain. He kept saying he was British and felt British. I told him I used to think like that, until I returned to Scotland to live and work, where I had last lived there as a child.

Everything you can think of with the word British in front of it has had Scottish, Scot, or Scotland placed instead. ( Scotrail, Scottish Gas, Scottish Power, Scottish Hydro Electric - its a national obsession. The Scottish poppy appeal is perhaps the worst example - as the armed forces are British entities and everyone has always fought for each other - to say the money will only go to Scottish servicement ( aka not the English ) - is a fudemental betrayal ).

Perhaps its also worth listening to the efforts by Welsh language fascists to split their country off from the UK and provide a way to discriminate against races they don't like - using their ancient language as the club.

All this has been going on for decades - actively supported by the Scottish Labour party, Scottish Liberal Democrats, Welsh Labour Party and Welsh Liberal Democrats.

But when the English ask for a little recognition of our nation and the rights to govern ourselves the likes of Gordon Brown and Nick Clegg play the British card and little Englander smear card.

Scotland is a beautiful country full of great people. I suggest those who think Britain can survive as it has been for the last 200 years, and especially the last 10 years, take a summer holiday up there and get Scottish newspapers delivered to their door every day. You will have a great holiday and also come back the wiser about England's future.

Man in a Shed is still a Unionist - but the Labour party and Liberal Democrats need to actually pull their weight in providing justice for England and countering the dutch auction of nationalism in Wales and Scotland. Otherwise England's path is going to diverge sharply from the Celtic nations and Britain will end. It won't be English Conservatives who have achieved this - but the failure of the other supposed Unionist parties.

Nick Clegg and Gordon Brown should earn their Unionist credentials - rather than just trying to keep the English down ....

If the centrifugal forces which both men support in Scotland and Wales are not reversed then their anti English statements won't save the Union.

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