Friday, November 30, 2007

Jack - 99.9% recurring of the Labour party can't be honest as New Labour was not an honest project

Jack Straw has apparently tried to claim that"99.9 per cent recurring" of the party were "completely straight and upstanding". ( See here in the Daily Telegraph ).,

Well Jack - we know that can't be right don't we? You all went along with the New Labour project which has deceit as its basis, and getting elected as its reason d'etre. You can hardly complain when individuals behave the way the party has. Okay with the individuals the issue has been money - with the party it was principles, honesty and courage.

You are all reaping what you sowed. What is unforgivable is that you are greatly damaging our country in the basis. Its time you all went...

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old and angry said...

Fun to see that the aggressive and unlovely Wendy Alexander, head labour honcho in Scotland has also been caught with her fingers in the till!