Thursday, October 11, 2007

Told you so ....

The next election is likely to come down to which leader and team the people like the most. Maybe also philosophy and direction of travel. But it won't be policy with Brown - as he will copy anything we do that is popular.

As I predicted on 1 Oct 07 - before our conference - he will steal our policies, and then on the 4th Oct here. I'm pleased to see that we have started to do something about Gordon Brown's false image in the public mind (the son of the manse Meme, and the moral compass falsehood). Having said that I thought Gordon Brown would never be PM - so I don't have a 100% record.

My long time prediction of war with Iran still has the jury out. ( I hope I've been wrong here - but we'll see.)

Now that the general election excitement has died down, and Labour have been banged to rights by George Osborne and David Cameron, its time for a change in pace on the blogging front.

I'm going to try and blog on issue of a bit more personal interest and maybe less commentary for a bit ( though I will no doubt be tempted ).

We'll see how that goes ...

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Praguetory said...

Good luck. ;-)