Monday, October 29, 2007

Peter Hain - another celtic Labour minister who thinks the English don't matter

Just heard Peter Hain, Radio 5 live - just before 7am, managing to trot out today's MacLabour party line on why the English shouldn't be recognised as a nation in our democracy.

Picture shows "Peter" celebrating the plan to introduce law making
powers in his native Wales with the Welsh First Minister
- something he wants to stop for England !

He uses the daft analogy of the day about cross rail and only London deciding. Quite honestly if cross-rail just affected London I don't see why it shouldn't - but it impacts Berkshire and Essex also - but as an ignorant MacLabour member or perhaps a deliberate misleading minister - they do lie and spin you know - that doesn't matter.

And anyway why doesn't his argument apply to the tram system in Edinburgh ?

Hain then moves on to Labour favourite policy for England - calling it the British regions !

If the English Labour party doesn't stand up for England then it should look north of the border to the Scottish Conservative party to see its future.....

And finally MacLabour should stop putting Scotsmen and Welshmen up as spokespeople to tell the English why they don't exist as a democratic nation.


Anonymous said...

I wonder whether the Scottish Conservatives could get some more voters on their side if they openly stand up for a new voting and funding arrangement for Scotland? They struggled badly at the last elections.

Anonymous said...

hey twat, hain is not a welshman

Man in a Shed said...

Anonymous 2:51 - if you want to be abusive, lets get a reference for your blog and we'll see.

Peter Hain is a Welsh MP born in South Africa.

He is sec of state for Wales.

I bet if you ask him he'll say he's Welsh - or do you think you need to be born in a country to have that nationality. ( Be careful here as the CRE will be after you if you answer in the affirmative ).

Eric said...

Nice one MIAS. I see there are trolls under the bridge. They have to hide somewhere I suppose.

Curly said...

Oh yes, Peter Hain, the man who doesn't have a clue over how many immigrants come here.

He really ought to be exterminated too.

Man in a Shed said...

I noticed he's be hiding behind Caroline Flint over the last 24 hrs.

She's been taking all the flack on TV and radio for him.