Friday, September 28, 2007

Smash and grab: The Bear election ?

There are two components to the current election speculation.

  1. The Labour party is excited by poll numbers they think will secure their jobs and pensions in government for a further 5 years, though they should perhaps be a bit less cocky.
  2. The economic forecasts are getting darker by the day. 2 weeks ago people began to warn about a small chance of a housing price crash - now the warning are getting louder and from more sources. The worse performance of government finances in living memory was last month. Banks have to be underwritten by the tax payer to keep them afloat.
Man in a Shed thinks reason 2 weighs heavier on Gordon Brown. He knows the mistakes he made and that they must be paid for. He's just hoping for that to happen after he's relieved many people of their votes, as he has their money (stealth taxes), pensions and country (EU constitution - why should I go along with the deception of calling it a treaty ? ).

The Bear keeps Gordon Brown awake at night, and he just hopes you haven't seen it yet.

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