Friday, September 28, 2007

BBC Item 1: Gordon Brown says ...

The BBC are excelling themselves right now in trying to help the Labour party out.

Almost every news bulletin starts with Gordon Brown on Burma.

Not a subject I would have associated him with in the past.

There is a lot of GRANDSTANDING being done by the sly old Kirkcaldy clunking fist.

Many words - sending the boy Miliband to the UN, speaking on the telephone to whoever - tell the EU to do this, the US to do that - lecturing China. Doing nothing of consequence but grasping lots of airtime...

Yet the BBC make sure he gets free publicity. They are shameless lefties. They will be a bit more careful during the campaign, but not much.

Lets see how they do trashing the Conservative conference to next week. ( Or if an election is called - will they be allowed to cover it - due to impartiality - ho ho ).

Update Dizzy has an example of the famous impartial BBC reporters from Youtube - see here...

Further - see Sats BBC Web site - Brown says this - Brown says that. ( In both cases what he says isn't backed by action or admissions of how current government failure caused the problem he's trying to rectify ). I wonder if the BBC has ordered in its champaign for election night yet ?

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