Saturday, September 29, 2007

Another general election with our armed forces unable to vote ?

Just saw this on the Electoral Commission's web site. It confirms my worse fears that many naturally Conservative voting people will be disenfranchised in Gordon Brown does his cut and run general election. ( Up to 65% of overseas members of the armed forces couldn't vote last time. )

Maybe instead of running round the country using tax payers money for party electioneering (the citizen's jury con) Gordon Brown should do something about this - or delay the election.

Armed Forces personnel & their families encouraged to register to vote!

In partnership with the Ministry of Defence we have recently launched an information campaign for members of HM Forces and their families to encourage them to register to vote. A mailing of information leaflets, posters and resource CDs is currently winging its way to every military unit around the globe.

During October, Unit Registration Officers will be leading 'registration days' where personnel will be encouraged to register, and they will be able to ask questions about registration, elections and voting. We are also encouraging Electoral Registration Officers to work with military units to get personnel registered.

The leaflet Register to vote voting information for members of Her Majestys Armed Forces and their families can be downloaded, or ordered in hard copy from the Do Politics Centre.

For more information about registering or how to cast your vote, go to

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Lord Higham- Murray said...

Quite simply outrageous and another indicator of the very deep disrespect this government shows to the community at large.