Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Remeber - the Thames gateway was New Labour's idea

Given rising sea levels, and the sinking of the land in the East only New Labour could try to build in the path of a possible tidal surge up the Thames. There's a reason these places don't have houses on them right now.

Lets just hope that along with calling of a visit to house building in Reading (flooding today) Yvette Cooper thinks of the poor people who may one day have to contend with a storm surge without the protection of the Thames barrier and just the services of the Environmental "We can get flood barriers 20 miles in a emergency - no problem" agency to save them.

Just look at this government promotional video - look how close the sea and water are. Then remember that shortly the Thames barrier won't even be enough to protect London, let alone those places down stream.

Let hope we don't get Gordon Brown telling how this couldn't be foreseen and promising to set up a review and make sure the lessons are learnt. Because it will be too late for many good people by then. The sea is even more violent than a flooding river.

Apparently there is to be a film starring Robert Carlyle on this very subject - or rather close with the Thames barrier itself getting over topped.

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