Tuesday, July 24, 2007

"Prime Ministerial Award for Social Technology"

The conceit of the man !

He has the nerve to re-announce making it easier for unsung hero's to get honours ( does no one remember that before - along with the people's peers etc - maybe Gordon was snoozing in cabinet when it was mentioned before ).

He has written a book to associate himself with promote unsung heroes.

Then he has the nerve to name an award after his office, and in effect himself !

He should perhaps remember that he is "First among equals" and stop trying to act like he was head of state. Its perhaps part of his creeping republican agenda - clearly such an award should be from the Queen or other member of the sovereign's family.

Just shows you the spin goes on and on .....

Didn't Gordon Brown try to get a day's holiday to celebrate the end of his reign as rector of Edinburgh University also ? At least he's consistent.

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