Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Quentin Davis - so whats the real reason then ?

Quentin Davis has apparently resigned from the Conservative party and gone across the floor to the socialists. We don't have a full explanation yet - and there will be no shortage of noise and spin from the NuBrownLabour camp - so it may be hard to find out what has happened.

Interestingly Quentin Davis's web site and Conservative citation have gone fromt he internet already ( google caches still there - but they don't say much.)

What interests me is why defect to Labour ? He won't hold the seat at the next election so he'll have to do a chicken run. Maybe he's been promised Paddy Ashdown's job ? ;-).

You might resign the whip for the explanations he's offering but not join the Labour party - especially one that the great clunking fist is about to run.

What Quentin getting for his treachery I wonder ? When the dust settles we will no doubt find out.

In the mean time another pattern is developing as Brown clearly has a whole set of stunts and tricks up his sleeve to use over the coming weeks and months. But his real challenge will come from doing the job he has manipulated the party, and the country to secure for himself.

But I'll admit its a bit of a coup - shows Flip how defections should really be organised.


My guess is this is really about the EU and Europe. I'd guess Mr Q Davis is not in favour of a referendum on Britain giving up its right to be a sovereign state.

Perhaps he'll do a chicken run to Sedgefield ?

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