Tuesday, June 26, 2007

ID cards and the NHS IT project will enable terror !

Today we start to see reports about the problem Britain's Muslim population have with their women. When they step out of line some of the men think its their right to murder them.

A week or so I heard from a convert from Islam who told the story of how she had run away from an arranged marriage and over time converted to Christianity. She lives in fear of her life. A mob - lead by her father tried to garb her from her house once. She says her father has mellowed - but I fear he hasn't and its just a trap.

Today there are people being hidden from their families and 'communities' to save their lives.

We learn today that there is almost a vast intelligence network and such things as hired killers whom you can hire to track down your wayward daughter and kill her for you. BBC R4 Today this morning had an article that ended with a good question - wouldn't there be massive outrage if the victims were White women not Asian ? This is racism - plain and simple.

Standing up to it is going to cost. Effort, money, and votes. Does anybody have the courage to do it ?

Now let us step forward a few years when national ID cards and the integrated NHS system will allow anybody to be found quickly. All it will take is a corrupt officer, or one who believes their religious duty is above English and Scottish law - to find almost anyone. No one will be able to hide or think themselves safe.

Then the real terror will start.

If we don't stand up to this now - then one day it will be each of us they come for.

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