Friday, June 29, 2007

The cost of appeasement at Madrid and Munich

With two car bombs found in London we must send the Spanish people and government a big thank you for their craven cowardice in giving in to Al Qaeda after their psychopathic bomb outrage.

Now the little Jihadi nutcases have got it into their heads that the west is weak and will give in to threats, just as Adolf Hitler (whom they admire so much) was encouraged by appeasement. We know what the end result of that is.

We need to expect the long hall here. Less press coverage - it just encourages them. More quiet resolve to finish the disease that the Devil has planted in the minds of so many mislead young men.

Bombing the East end of London didn't win the war for Hitler. My Grandfather would tell you stories of throwing himself to the ground at least three times on average on your way to work when the V1's came over. My mother of evacuation. They never stopped, neither will we.

This doesn't mean we should use up our troops up in Iraq and Afghanistan when local troops - if they are ever to be adequate - should now be able to hold the ring. If they can't then a more traditional form of warfare may ultimately be required against the source of the infection that pains the world so much.

If it comes to it then let there be an end to asymmetric warfare - but only as an absolute last resort. But if we rule it out then ultimately we may make it inevitable.

Many tell us that this is not real Islam, but the version these terrorists claim to follow has a clear roadmap for eventual domination. Links with encouraging honour killings in the UK were in the MSM recently, terror plays its part, as does the never ending stream of concession demanded of their host society and the setting up of parallel sharia courts in the UK. We should recognise these things for what they tell us they are. ( There may be many, even a majority, of people of good character and intentions involved in some of these things - but they are all being used to the same end. Just as Hamas and Hezbollah used such issues to take control of their various areas.)

I know there are many - I hope the vast majority - of Muslims who renounce this coercion and violence, but I'm concerned about those who don't and plant bombs. Just as the vast majority of Catholics and Protestants in Northern Ireland reject the psychopathic violence that existed there during the troubles.

PS One of my wife's work colleagues son was in Tiger Tiger last night. Brings the evil home doesn't it.

Update: Ken Livingston was on R4 this morning campaigning for himself telling us not to demonize Muslims ( he then goes on to demonize the white working class ). Yet again he shows how he is unfit for office.

I wonder what Gordon Brown and his new Home Sec (who ? ) think of this ? They will as usual put party before country and not comment is my guess.

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