Friday, May 04, 2007

Waffle from the BBC

The BBC just can't help themselves. No Conservative achievement is enough for them. They are busy crowing about their own calculations going from 41% to 40% calculated vote share, on their own calculations. (Probably a move from 40.5 to 40.4% with rounding - ie nothing ).

On election special its another John Reid party broadcast as he's allowed to set the terms of the debate and various BBC commentators try every way they can to snipe at the Conservatives.

The usual spinning is going on by the Labour party and Lib Dems. Personally I don't care what they say - let them carry on as they are. We'll be seeing them again at the next election....


ContraTory said...

A comment on the BBC early morning news amused me. The reporter explained that Labour hadn't sufferred the meltdown that analysts had been feared. Analysts predict, they don't fear. Unless they're BBC ones of course.

I think too many Conservatives become hot under the collar about BBC "bias". As long as the facts are stated, no matter what spin is put on them, the public can work out what has really happened.

Before 3rd May, the opinion polls were showing 38% support for the Conservatives, so the MSM set a target for the Conservatives of at least 40%. The Conservatives were also set a target of at least 600 new seats before they could claim a success.

All in all, the Conservatives have achieved what they weren't supposed to. Of course some pollster will recalculate the Conservative share of the vote back down to 39%, but it's all smoke and mirrors. Labour and the Liberal Democrats got well and truly beat.

Man in a shed said...

Perhaps your right - as the BBC gets its reputation for this sort of institutional bias. But I'm still not happy with it. I'm even less happy paying for it.