Friday, May 04, 2007

Good morning Conservative Woking

We have won control. For the last year the Lib Dems grabbed effective control thanks to it being the turn of a Conservative councillor to be mayor. The row of grim looking Lib Dem faces in the photo attached makes the point. (Sorry its a poor photo - they're loosing a Lib Dem ward as they watch).

The Lib Dem have launch a last minute desperate attack but it hasn't paid of for them.

If you live in Woking - good morning - good news at last !

Ming might want to chose another council to run his next party political broadcast from. The Lib Dems have thrown everything - including the kitchen sink and some very dubious leaflets at us and they have been rejected by the people of Woking. I'm going to finish a well earned pint - and head to bed. Its marvellous.

See BBC results summary here.


Conservative Conservative 19
Liberal Democrat Liberal Democrat 17
Party Previous +/- 2007
Conservative 15 4 19
Liberal Democrat 18 -1 17
Labour 3 -3 0


Ellee said...

Fantastic, you are really working so late to write up your post with a pic too. In East Cambs, my area, Conservatives won control for the first time. I'm waiting to hear the result from Julian's patch in York Outer, where we also hope to win a few seats.

Tony said...

This was an excellent result. I did radio coverage of the Woking general election count in 2005 and remember disappointed Lib Dem faces then too. I think they were shaken at the size of the majority Humfrey Malins posted.

Of course when it comes to the Lib Dem activity in Wellingborough, their catchphrase is "Not standing here".