Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Labour can still suck all the oxygen out of the room

Man in a Shed has noticed how a whole range of stories have occupied the radio 4 news airtime over the last few days. Many of them are about Labour directly (Blair's version of King Lear), the battle to be Gordon Brown's fag (deputy nobody), the fall out from the recent terrorism trial (will the admit to failures with an inquiry), Jack Starw in Britishness (help the BNP are coming), Tessa Jowell on the 'leadeship' (Give-us a job Gordo), even Peter Mandelson on Today this morning - trying for one last time to convince everyone that black is in fact white.

I suspect this is deliberate strategy of denying the Conservative party time to communicate with the electorate. Will this improve their local election results - no - and I'm sure they know that. But what it does do is remove the campaign oxygen from the Conservatives as they try to communicate with the voters. ( People are changing allegiances right now - the more they find out about the Conservatives - the more likely they are to support and buy into our message. Labour and their many supporters in BBC newsrooms are desperate to prevent this.)

Also note the continual equal billing between Lib Dems and Conservatives on R4 - in fact I'd say it favours the Lib Dems. But Labour eat up all the air time that remains.

And so the BBC fails in its public service and impartiality responsibilities and the Labour spin machine still achieves its objectives in defeat.

Democracy weeps..if it can catch any breath.

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