Monday, April 30, 2007

Your pension may be 50% less than you expect (thanks Gordon)

Of course state funded pensions for Guardian, Independent readers and Labour MPs will still be mouth wateringly good. (See today's Daily Telegraph for details. )

Lucky them.

Who said slavery had been abolished ? The UK taxation scheme is now a form of bonded labour were those not employed by the state work to keep the privileged few in lovely pensions.


Ellee said...

This really scares me. I gave up my job to be a mum and have no pension to look forward to. I don't put money by as I should, and I have two sons to help fund through university. What should I do?

Man in a shed said...

It scares me too! My best option is to be dead but with no pension just before pensionable age.

The realistic option is to start saving as much as you can into your pension. But I assume your self employed, as I am, and its not that easy. Plus Gordon may steel it anyway.