Monday, May 21, 2007

Anyone else having trouble getting to The Telegraph today ?

Its web site has been very slow or inaccessible all morning. Now I know Team Cameron are falling out with the DT - but this is perhaps a bit extreme ;-) .

Anyone know what the real problem is ? (They don't have their routers on the Cutty Sark do they ? )

Update: Seems to be OK again now.

Nope its rubbish again today.

Further update - Elle has pointed at this article on The Times web site. It seems The Telegraph is being attacked in a denial of service attack. Nobody knows by who or why - yet.


Ellee said...

Funnily enough, I had problems accessing Timesonline, maybe it was a shared technical hitch.

james higham said...

A lot of people were reporting this today.

Tim Worstall said...

Got that problem today.

Ellee said...

You've probaby seen the story by now. I have a follow-up on this for tomorrow.

Ellee said...

Hi, this is the story I was going to write about today, but no time I'm afraid, but I thought it would interest you:

Man in a shed said...

Interesting Elle - after all the West's carping about the great fire wall of China etc - it seems the EU wants the same.

I have always thought that an excuse would be found to restrict the internet.

Might have a go at a brief post latter on today - no doubt EU Referendum is on to it anyway.