Sunday, April 29, 2007

Spanish Ambassador stabs Britain in the back

The new Spanish Ambassador to Argentina is reported as offering Argentina unconditional support in her desire to colonise the Falkland Islands - as reported over on Gibraltar's Panorama site.

Remember Spain is supposed to be a fellow member of the European Union and a NATO ally.

To make matters worse Argentina looks like pursuing her aggressive desire to colonise the Falklands in the UN general assembly. No doubt cynically calculating that support for the UK will be weak due to the war against terrorism.

Its time for the UK government to be more positive about the Falklands. They are 350 miles (550 kilometres) away from Argentina and have as much right to self determination as Argentina does itself.

Personally I think in the long term, assuming Argentina remains a functioning democracy under the rule of law and cultural guarantees were offered then Falkland Islanders might look on her as their eventual protector. However - that is only if they wish it.

Argentine bullying and aggression will have the opposite effect on them.

Its time the UK government set on an alternative course of action to get full acceptance of the sovereign rights of the Falkland islanders. They should call Argentina's moves aggressive colonisation and perhaps question whether some of Argentina shouldn't be handed back to its indigenous population - before Spanish colonisation. Only then will Argentina stop the diplomatic and sometimes physical aggression and the scene may be set for a settlement - in the distant future.

The UK government should also look to punish Spain for her disloyalty to a fellow NATO and EU memeber. Of course the foreign office will instead seek to carry out the policy of Britain's Enemies within her government.


IanP said...

Perhaps we should give our backing to Morocco who want the spanish enclaves of Ceuta and Melilla back.

Glass houses?

dexey said...

One bomb in Madrid and they will withdraw.