Sunday, April 29, 2007

Ming is rattled

He's not doing to well on The Politics Show just now. His tie tells it all - the blue is their as he now fears the Conservatives.

The problem is the Lib Dems have no consistent underpinning and now that the Conservatives are campaigning effectively against them, by taking on the environment, they have no foundations to stand on. ( Except be opposed to anything and everything they think may win them votes - even if they were responsible for the original policy. )

I wonder if Ming might resign as well as Blair after May 3rd if things go as badly as the Lib Dems are now spinning ( of course its the old game of reducing expectations - but the Lib Dem spin machine is placing the bar very low this year ! )?

Update: Iain Dale makes a good point about the limpet tactics of Lib Dems. He's right of course in the observation. But I think we need to explain to people who and what the Lib Dems really are. Just playing with the kids of the electorate or being a social worker should not entitle you to run the government. If that were to be the case then effective democracy will have ended in Britain.

Also see the comments of what I assume to be a Labour supporter on the Surrey Lib Dems here.

Tony Sharp (The Waendel Journal) has another take asking why the BBC were so soft on Ming ? He has a good point relating to his neck of the woods ( wrt the Lib Dem lie about being the only national party )-

"He said that his party is the 'National party of opposition'. Well that is only true if you believe the definition of a national party is one that in an English shire county fields only 66 candidates with 270 seats up for grabs - and 47 of those candidates are standing in just one town."


james higham said...

I think we should lay off Ming and let him cruise along - better to have him in charge come the election than a real leader. Same with Broony.

This is the Australian problem. Labor has actually got a leader now. Of sorts.

Man in a shed said...

Yes I know what you mean. I'm assuming the Lib Dems are too stupid to replace him.

Its more likely that some of them will defect soon.